How Do I Start the Divorc…

How Do I Start the Divorce Process in New York

If you’ve reached the difficult decision to end your marriage, knowing how to start the divorce process is essential. In New York, divorce procedures follow specific steps, and understanding the process can help you navigate through this challe… Read More
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List of Things (property,…

List of Things (property, assets) You May Keep When Filing Bankruptcy in New York State

Below are lists of what you are entitled to keep following a bankruptcy filing. If you have assets which are not exempt, either because they are worth too much or do not fit with one of the available exemptions listed below, you may still be able to… Read More
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Property Division in a Di…

Property Division in a Divorce: What's Fair and Equitable?

How to Ensure a Fair and Equitable Property Division in Your Divorce Divorces can be complicated and emotionally draining, and one of the most challenging aspects is dividing property. Property division in a divorce can be contentious, but it is esse… Read More
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Role of Guardian

The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in Family Law Proceedings

Understanding the Crucial Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in Family Law Proceedings In family law proceedings, the presence of a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) can greatly impact the outcome of a case, especially when children are involved. A GAL is appointed b… Read More
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Different Types of Adopti…

Different Types of Adoption

Adoption is a life-changing decision for both the adoptive parents and the child. There are various forms of adoption, each with its own unique set of legal requirements, processes, and benefits. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the… Read More
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5 Ways to Receive Financi…

5 Ways to Receive Financial Help for Paying Child Support

According to the US Census Bureau, 1 in 5 children lives in a household that receives child support. Extenuating circumstances, such as job loss, medical emergency, bankruptcy, or insufficient income, can make paying for child support difficult. Know… Read More
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Calculating Child Support…

Calculating Child Support in New York

Calculating child support can be a complex and often confusing process, especially for parents going through a divorce or separation. In New York, understanding the guidelines and factors that determine child support payments is crucial for ensuring… Read More
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Helping Children Cope wit…

Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process for everyone involved, especially for children. As parents, it is essential to prioritize your child’s well-being and help them navigate the changes in their life. At Duke Law Firm, P.C., we un… Read More
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5 Tips to Working Togethe…

5 Tips to Working Together as Parents After Separation

As parents, it can be challenging to navigate co-parenting after separation or divorce. Communication and coordination between both parties is crucial to creating a healthy and happy environment for your children. Communicate Openly and Effectively O… Read More
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Social Media

The Role of Social Media in Divorce Cases: Dos & Don'ts

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, with millions of people sharing personal information and photos on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, what many people fail to realize is that their social me… Read More
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