An overview of the 341 meeting

You finished the paperwork to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The process was stressful, but you got through it. The worry and anxiety of filing for bankruptcy may decrease a notch.

But the next step becomes a little more detailed. If you live within Livingston county, you filed your documents with the Western District of New York Bankruptcy Court. The court assigned a trustee to your case to oversee a mandatory meeting. What is this meeting? What should you expect?

Who attends a 341 meeting?

The 341 meeting involves you, the trustee for your case and possibly the creditors you owe money to. The trustee is in charge of the meeting, which occurs three to six weeks after you file the original petition. The trustee and creditors will ask questions pertaining to your petition to substantiate its accuracy.

What will the trustee ask me?

The trustee on your case wants to know and verify certain information regarding the petition you filed. There are several questions the trustee may ask, including:

  • What are your name and address?
  • Did you review and sign all bankruptcy documents?
  • Did you list all your assets and creditor information?
  • Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past?
  • Do you know of any errors or omissions in your file?

Once you answer these questions, the trustee will give any creditors present in the meeting the chance to ask questions.

Creditor questions

In most cases, creditors may not attend a 341 meeting. If they do, questions may include the following:

  • Are you working?
  • Do you have property in another state?
  • What do you intend to do with the property you have, such as a car?
  • Does anyone owe you money?

Generally, a 341 meeting only takes a few minutes, and it may be a good sign when creditors do not show. But be aware that creditors could object to the discharge. You should prepare yourself to answer any questions they may have.