3 Tips for Protecting Your Credit in a Divorce

3 Tips for Protecting You…

Divorce in New York is tough. It drains you emotionally and can damage your finances. Many people discover that going through the divorce process is more than they can afford, which can lead to bankruptcy or damaged credit. When this happens, it can be daunting to move forward and start your new, single life.

This is why you have to be financially aware throughout the process. It’s important to have a plan in place to keep your credit in good shape and avoid financial woes. Here are three tips you can use to protect your credit.

  1. Set up your own credit

Begin working on your credit right away, Forbes suggests. You want accounts that are only in your name. You may want to open new accounts to get this started. This will help as joint debts come off your report.

  1. Know who is responsible for which debts

During divorce negotiations, do not overlook debt. The court may want to split them equally, but you should do your best to figure out who is responsible for each debt. If possible, work toward a settlement in which you pay for the debts you created and split the joint debts.

  1. Read your credit report and fix errors

Know what is on your credit report. Fix errors. This can boost your overall score. Plus, knowing what is on your report will help as you work through debts during the divorce settlement process.

Managing your credit during a divorce is probably one of the last things on your mind. However, you will be happy you did it when the divorce is final.