5 Ways to Receive Financi…

5 Ways to Receive Financial Help for Paying Child Support

According to the US Census Bureau, 1 in 5 children lives in a household that receives child support. Extenuating circumstances, such as job loss, medical emergency, bankruptcy, or insufficient income, can make paying for child support difficult. Know… Read More
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Calculating Child Support…

Calculating Child Support in New York

Calculating child support can be a complex and often confusing process, especially for parents going through a divorce or separation. In New York, understanding the guidelines and factors that determine child support payments is crucial for ensuring… Read More
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How Can Bankruptcy Impact…

How Can Bankruptcy Impact Child Support?

Filing for bankruptcy can be difficult, and it has a wide range of financial implications. For example, many people don’t consider how their bankruptcy filing might impact their child support payments. In this blog, Duke Law Firm, P.C. will exp… Read More
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