I had called Duke Law Firm seeking a divorce lawyer. I was so pleased to hear that they do handle divorce cases because I had called other firms that did not at the time have any lawyers available. I met Heidi Feinberg & Althea Merryman in the beginning of 2023. Heidi is very professional, as nervous as I was-I just knew Heidi was just a down to earth person. I told her my situation and basically what I wanted and didn’t. Heidi said “ Don’t worry I will be in touch with you and I will take care of it”

“(in so many words). I knew the moment I walked into Heidi’s office things were going to be OK for me. Althea Merryman and I have been in contact by email, phone, etc including Heidi as well. You never have to wait for a response! Althea has and does get back to me in a timely manner. Absolutely a pleasure to work with. Althea is very efficient.

I would Highly recommend Heidi Feinberg & Althea Merryman /Duke Law Firm to everyone. From my experience of what I have been through. I know for a fact I could not have “DIY” (tried that” FAILED!!) Hire Duke Law Firm!! Trust Me. Heidi Feinberg & Althea Merryman are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING & THEY'RE NOT DONE YET!!