Susan Duke is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated!

I divorced 6 years ago in which there was a QDRO. The attorneys that I had for the divorce had no idea what they were doing in regards to the distribution of $125,000 QDRO. I since moved from NY to Florida which compounded the issue. I contacted Susan Duke and immediately 2 things happened, Susan returned my call then said she would represent me!! Awesome! Amazing!!! Her fee was reasonable but Susan had to start from scratch with the 6 year old QDRO. Like “blow off all the dust” amended, calling previous firm for release of counsel, judge to sign it and contact corporate guardian for the previous release amended. Susan Duke took charge and within no time; shiny new QDRO with a distribution!!! Did I say awesome & amazing??? No stress, up to date status and done!!! I called Susan when the distribution check came in the mail and asked if I could send her a bonus but she gracefully declined. Susan Duke is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated! And AMAZING!!! I can not thank Susan enough!!!