What Is Your Approach To Helping Your Clients Going Through Divorce?

The focus is on providing personal attention to every client while always remaining realistic so as to avoid empty promises and unnecessary disappointments. A lot of attorneys will basically sell their clients promises like used cars. Everyone should be wary of an attorney who is promising them a lot of things, especially about the outcome of their case. People should consult with a few attorneys before making a decision in order to compare and contrast attorneys and determine whether one attorney is giving unrealistic expectations. Just because an attorney describes the perfect outcome in a case doesn’t mean they should be selected, because that attorney might not be able to deliver.

I spend a lot of time monitoring and assisting my clients with their expectations to ensure that they maintain a realistic view, but I also thoroughly explain how we can help, what we can fight for, and what rights they can exercise during the process. It is important for people to have an attorney who has years of experience, is familiar with the judges, and understands how the various laws and rules are applied. Family law is very specific based on the facts of each particular case, so it’s not as simple as reading a book and apply the laws to a given case; the laws are just too general. For this reason, it’s important that an attorney like myself can pull from years of experience and accumulated knowledge in order to help clients deal with their specific situations.

We discuss the specific facts of their situation, including details of the marriage and finances, so that we can help them feel comfortable with the best and worst-case scenarios, and everything in between. We also explain how they can help themselves throughout the process in order to keep costs as low as possible. A divorce can be an expensive process if the attorney handles all the details and legwork. There are some things the client could handle for themselves in order to save money.

What Are Some Of The Most Important Questions You Want To Discuss With Clients Before They Proceed With Divorce?

It is very important for clients to understand that until a divorce is actually filed, everything that is done is presumed to be for marital purposes, which means everything is going to be a shared responsibility between them and their spouse—good or bad—until the divorce process has begun. Having this knowledge can be a great benefit by helping them protect themselves in the days, weeks, or months leading up to the filing of the divorce. For example, they will know the importance of not putting money into joint accounts from which their spouse could withdraw 100 percent of the funds before the divorce process even starts; if this were to happen, it would be impossible or very difficult to get that money back.

They will also be aware of the fact that without their knowledge, their spouse could run up debts prior to the filing of the divorce case, and as a result, they could be held responsible for half of that debt. Alternatively, their spouse could sell assets prior to the filing of the divorce case, which would make getting credit for those assets difficult. Again, until the divorce has been filed, it is presumed that everything is done for a marital purpose, which means that if something is sold, it is gone; the act of selling will be considered something that the two spouses did together for the marriage, even if it was done without one of the spouse’s knowledge.

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