What Is Different About High Asset Divorce?

What Is Different About H…

It is no secret that each divorce is different from the next. Each couple that marries will have different trajectories and plans for life and the future. Sometimes, a couple will acquire large assets or other investments throughout their marriage. This has the potential to further complicate their situation if they decide to file for a divorce.

Duke Law Firm, P.C. can help explain the intricacies of a high asset divorce, including how they may differ from the standard divorce process.

Complex Property Division

One of the most notable differences with a high asset divorce is the property division process. While this is difficult for most couples, one with a high number of assets will face more challenges. For example, there will be more to account for when going through property valuation. A couple may have businesses, multiple properties, or inheritances to contend with. Due to how overwhelming this process can be, it is important to have legal guidance.

Hidden Assets

As mentioned above, accounting for a high number of assets can be stressful for a couple. Sometimes, an asset or piece of shared property will be overlooked in the process. Other times a spouse will intentionally hide an asset in an attempt to prevent it from undergoing the division process. This can negatively impact the divorce process, as forgetting or purposefully leaving out an asset in valuation can have legal repercussions.

More Contentious

With a more complex property division and divorce process overall, there is a higher chance for contentions to develop between the couple. With a contended divorce, you are more likely to take issues to court rather than negotiate the outcomes. In these situations, it is important to have an attorney on your side to represent you and your needs.

Duke Law Firm, P.C. Can Help

You should not have to go through your high asset divorce alone. An experienced attorney from the team at Duke Law Firm, P.C. can help guide you through your case, ensuring that all of your assets are accounted for.

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