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For many, dividing assets during a divorce is more complicated than just deciding who gets the house, cars, and other large pieces of property. Stocks, 401ks, RSUs, multiple investment accounts, separate property assets, commingled accounts, multiple income streams, and other complex issues can make the analysis and process difficult. After spending years contributing your efforts and financial resources to the accumulation of assets, it can be disheartening and frustrating to feel like you will lose all the benefits of your efforts. You may wonder how best to protect your investments and to prevent them from being drained during a divorce.

We are here to help. At Duke Law Firm, P.C., a high asset divorce attorney prioritizes the needs and expectations of each client to create a personalized strategy for every case. We will listen carefully to your story and work hard to help the divorce proceedings go as smoothly as possible. Together, we can find a fair resolution to your divorce. However, we are always prepared in case a settlement is not possible and stand ready to litigate your case and provide the strongest representation possible at every turn.

What Is a High Asset Divorce?

A high asset divorce refers to a divorce involving significant assets and/or complex financial holdings. These divorces often involve substantial wealth, valuable property, investments, businesses, professional practices, retirement accounts, and other assets that require careful valuation and division.

Some characteristics of high asset divorces include:

  • Complex financial holdings: High asset divorces often involve complex financial portfolios, such as multiple properties, investment accounts, stocks, bonds, businesses, and other valuable assets. Valuing these assets accurately can be challenging.
  • Business interests: If one or both spouses own a business or professional practice, the valuation and division of business assets can be a significant issue in the divorce. This may require the involvement of financial experts to assess the value of the business and determine how it will be divided or if one spouse will buy out the other's interest.
  • Tax considerations: The tax implications of dividing high-value assets, such as real estate, investment accounts, and retirement funds, can be substantial. It's important to consider the tax consequences of various settlement options.
  • Spousal support: In high asset divorces, spousal support (alimony) can be a significant issue. The higher-earning spouse may be required to pay substantial spousal support, and the duration of support may be longer than in typical divorces.
  • Complex legal issues: High asset divorces often involve complex legal issues related to property division, asset valuation, tax implications, business interests, and other financial matters. It's essential to have experienced legal representation to navigate these complexities effectively.
  • Privacy concerns: High asset divorces can attract media attention or public scrutiny due to the substantial wealth involved. Privacy concerns may be a consideration for some individuals in these cases.

Due to the complexity and high stakes involved in high asset divorces, it's crucial to seek the guidance of experienced divorce attorneys and financial advisors who specialize in these types of cases. They can help protect your interests and work toward a fair and equitable resolution of the divorce proceedings.

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The division of intangible assets, such as the value of a business (“goodwill”), can be a point of tension during a divorce. The valuation of an intangible asset can be costly, and even once valued, parties often disagree with the valuation, and many times finding the funds to pay a share of an intangible asset such as a business can be difficult. Having the right legal advice during this process is key as sometimes the high expense of the expert valuation can be avoided entirely, and the issue can be resolved fairly through experienced negotiation. The division of other assets, such as retirement accounts, can cause stress as well, especially when planning for retirement. Having an experienced high asset divorce attorney who understands this process to guide you can prove invaluable.

Our goal in every divorce is to use our experience, skills, and knowledge to make sure all assets and investments are accounted for and distributed equitably. If needed, we can help you create a postnuptial agreement to protect your investments and property, before you even file for divorce. Whatever your situation is, a high asset divorce attorney can help you navigate through the complicated legal process and create a future you can look forward to.

Appealing Your High Asset Divorce Decision

Achieving a favorable decision at trial is generally easier than overturning a judgment of divorce on appeal. This is one of the many reasons why you should always take time to choose a divorce attorney wisely and only select and stay with one in whom you have confidence. However, a divorce judgment can be successfully appealed in some circumstances. At Duke Law Firm, we have experience in appeals and will provide you with an honest assessment of whether your case has any likelihood of being overturned on appeal. As appeals are expensive, and a win is never absolutely guaranteed, only cases with high assets or major issues (such as child custody) are suggested to be reviewed for possible appeal. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your divorce case, you may schedule a consultation to see if we may be willing to assist with the filing of an appeal.

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