Conflict Parenting Coach

Conflict Parenting Coaching

Reducing Combative Relationships through Communication Assistance and Training

Services Are Available for Parents in Any Location!

Who the Service Is For:

Parents Currently in Litigation/ the Court System

Parents Who Cannot Communicate or Have an Antagonistic Communication Style

Parents Who Are Separating

Parents Who Wish to Avoid Court Filings

What the Service Provides:

A Neutral Party to Communicate Through When Communication Between Parents is Difficult or Impossible.

Advice, Training, and Coaching to Teach Skills to Communicate More Effectively with a Difficult or Aggressive Parent.

Coaching and Recommendations from an Experienced Family Law Attorney Regarding the Court Process, Violations of Orders, and How to Reduce or Eliminate Issues Causing Litigation.

An Available Contact and Intermediary for Assistance with Parenting Complaints.

Why Engage in Conflict Parenting Coaching?

You Will Receive Assistance with Ongoing Issues with and Complaints About Parenting While Reducing the Need to Contact Your Attorney.

Neutral Advice is Provided, Designed to Reduce Tension and Verbally Abusive Interactions to Improve Communication and Potentially Re-Build Trust Between Parents.

Even if the Other Parent Cannot Be “Fixed”, You Can Learn Skills to Improve Your Communication Style to More Effectively Deal with a Difficult Personality and Reduce Their Negative Behaviors Through Your Improved Communication.

By Receiving Advice From an Experienced Family Law Attorney, You Will Reduce the Contacts You Have with Your Attorney, Gaining Knowledge to Resolve Some Issues Out of Court while Learning What Issues May Properly Be Resolved by a Court.

This is not mediation or co-parenting counseling! You need not get along with, trust, or even feel able to speak to or be in the same physical room as the other parent.

Conflict Parenting Coaching provides virtual services through video meetings, email communications, and telephone calls, all for a flat fee. The objective is to reduce your need for litigation and contact with your attorneys so the flat fee paid is less than the money you would pay for your legal fees without the coaching service. The service is provided for two parents for one flat fee (the clients choose who pays what portion of the fee). *Services are also available for individual parents seeking assistance with a difficult parent who refuses to participate in this process.

Coaching proceeds according to the parents’ comfort level, with individual or joint meetings as appropriate in the case. While the preferred outcome of Conflict Parenting Coaching is for the parents to communicate civilly at the end of the process, other important objectives can be achieved without this result. Your coach, an experienced family law attorney, uses her experience to guide you and the other parent regarding expected court outcomes and what issues the court is unlikely to resolve, reducing your need to contact your attorney or litigate issues the court will view as too minor to hear. Where one or both parents are constantly filing court petitions, or where there is constant communication between attorneys regarding parenting problems, this assistance can be invaluable. Your coach can receive each parent’s concerns and complaints and communicate them to the other parent to eliminate negative, judgmental, or abusive comments which often accompany combative parents’ comments.

This is not mediation; the objective is not to arrive at a parenting plan or settlement of your case, though if communication is improved enough through coaching so the parents trust each other enough to engage in settlement discussions, your coach can use her many years of family law experience to help you arrive at a fair resolution (only with the consent of both parties and any retained attorneys in your case).

Your coach is not acting as your attorney or an investigator for the court or either party. Nothing you say during conflict parenting coaching will be shared with the court. Both parties must sign a release indicating their communications shall be considered to be confidential and without the additional consent of both parties, nothing shared or said during coaching shall be shared with anyone other than the parents being coached.

You need not live local to the coach; these services are available virtually to everyone!

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