What Is Conflict Parenting Coaching?

What Is Conflict Parentin…

Going through a divorce is tough for anyone. However, it is especially difficult for parents and their children. It is not uncommon for parents to encounter issues or challenges during or after their divorce. It can be difficult to overcome communication issues and conflict with your ex after a separation or know where to go to get the help you need. Courts expect parents to co-parent, but how do you co-parent with someone when you cannot get along? Duke Law Firm, P.C. provides a service known as Conflict Parenting Coaching, which can assist parents in their most difficult of times.

Defining Conflict Parenting Coaching

Some individuals may be aware of mediation or co-parenting counseling. These are not the same as Conflict Parenting Coaching. What is the difference? Well, Conflict Parenting Coaching is a process that helps reduce the amount of legal fees incurred by acting as an intermediary between warring parents and preventing court involvement in issues the court is ill-equipped to assist with anyway.

During Conflict Parenting Coaching, the goal is to help facilitate more civil communication between parents, and while this can be achieved in even the most difficult cases, unless and until it does, you have your coach to facilitate communication and stop the animosity, insults, and unresponsiveness that often accompanies direct communication between separated parents. This can help reduce the parents’ need to consult attorneys or even litigate matters.

What Can You Expect From Conflict Parenting Coaching?

While this process may sound similar to mediation, these are completely different processes. In mediation, the primary goal is to reach a settlement or some type of parenting plan and agreement. In Conflict Parenting Coaching, the emphasis is to tackle parenting issues as they arise during or even after divorce. Parents will have a neutral third party that can help teach them the necessary skills to communicate when tensions are high, major issues arrive, or when dealing with a particularly difficult personality type.

However, the coach will not act as an attorney or investigator in these situations and remains a neutral advisor to both parents. Furthermore, information shared during coaching sessions will not be shared with the courts or any outside parties without the permission of both parents.

Who Can Help With Conflict Parenting Coaching?

Conflict Parenting Coaching is a service provided by our firm to fill a gap in services available. This particular service currently is not being offered by other experienced coaches.

At our firm, Duke Law Firm, P.C., our family law attorney Susan K. Duke is prepared to help you navigate your toughest parenting challenges.

Susan Duke has over 25 years of experience in all areas related to parental separations, from representing children to providing counsel to parents, and uses these years of experience to help parents avoid unnecessary litigation and give parents a resource skilled in communication to assist with their toughest issues. If you are curious about the process or need to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our team. This is a service offered remotely nationwide. You do not need to be in the same room in-person with the other parent, ever, to go use our conflict parenting services.

To schedule a consultation, call us at (585) 449-4987 or visit us online.